Good drinks. Good music. Good company.

There is no better place for a drink, a meal or a night out. It is not for nothing that the Mühlibar has existed since 1996. Whether you come to us after a long day at the office or to spend time with friends: You are always welcome here!

Crispy and delicious


Pinsa what? The dough that is revolutionizing the pizza world! The Pinsa is the completion of over

100 years of Roman baking art, creativity and experience.

Swiss Classics and delicious salads


Fondue, raclette, cheese slices and much more. In the Mühlibar you will find classic Swiss dishes and snacks. For those who like it a little lighter, there are delicious salads to choose from.

Fresh Uncooked Raclette Swiss cheese slices on marble board. Black background. Top view

Attention to detail

During the day

Enjoyment at any time

Brunch with the family or friends at the weekend? Lunch at work? Need to meet for a quick coffee? We have the perfect dish and drink for every occasion. We want you to feel at home with us at all times and we want to create a second home for you with the Mühlibar.

A woman and a man on a business lunch in a restaurant
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